Honey coming in fast

The bees have been hard at work this last while and so have we!

Extracting honey almost every week now. The rain sto me have been coming at just the right times and it is looking like another great year. 

We received a face book message two days ago about a swarm at the golf course and luckily I was able to get there and collect it before it flew away.  

 Glad to say these lovely ladies are safe and sound in their new home and seem to be doing well. Always great to catch a swarm and introduce new breeding stock to the bee yard! 

We have excess honey so if you know anyone still wanting som  feel free to comment or email me at jordancutbill@me.com


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2 Responses to Honey coming in fast

  1. Marilyn Hnatuk says:

    I came to Rosebud this past fall and found this cute little bee stand on the side of the street.
    I’m not sure if this was yours but I bought a jar of that honey. It was exceptionally great tasting!
    However I have run out and need some more.
    Do you sell it anywhere here in Calgary?
    If like to purchase some more.

    • It was indeed ours! So glad you liked it. We don’t sell any in Calgary at this point but I am bringing a few orders in to town on Friday. Is there a way I good get it to you? How much would you like? We do have a sale on right now. If you buy 10 jars you get two free. Works for both sizes of jar. The 13$ and the 7$.

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